Using the REVTOS Renewable Energy Training System in STEM Classes

In partnership with Alfred State College, elementary students at Allendale Columbia School have been using the REVTOS Renewable Energy Training System in STEM classes. The system was placed on the Allendale Columbia School campus throughout the months of November and December.

The REVTOS System is comprised of a 30′ x 5′ solar panel and a 30′ high wind turbine. The remote monitoring and data logging box has been housed in the Lower School STEM classrooms. STEM students, grades K through 5, have been taking advantage of this system being on the school campus with completing a variety of solar and wind power experiments and data collection.


Kindergarten students have been learning how the solar panels and the wind turbine are being used to create energy, and have also participated in wind power labs for understanding the various characteristics of an object that make it more or less susceptible to moving via the wind. Through experimentation and testing, the students have determined that weight, height, and shape are factors that decide how far an object can move in the wind. First graders have been learning about solar energy with participating in labs to help them understand the difference between the heat from the sun and energy from the sun. To help further their learning, second grade students constructed anemometers, and with counting how many times their reference spun around in one minute, the students were able to calculate the wind speed in feet per second. Third and fourth graders have been studying about renewable and nonrenewable energy throughout their experimental labs demonstrating the different properties of reflection and absorption. Along with participating in similar labs, fifth grade students created functional solar ovens made from pizza boxes.  In addition, students designed and constructed their own windmills which were tested for various loads with determining their effectiveness.

Data collected from the REVTOS System will also provide the specific information needed for ongoing research projects in our Lower School STEM labs. This continues to be a wonderful learning opportunity for all of our STEM students and we would like to thank Alfred State College for providing our students access to this authentic, renewable energy training system!