Summer 2012 Highlights

We, at Vista Teach, had another fantastic summer camp season – we already miss all the excitement and our wonderful campers! Some of the many highlights of our summer camps included:

– The amazing learning experiences with our NXT campers accomplishing many challenging missions and our WeDo campers building and programming sophisticated robots, models and vehicles.

– The creation and initiation of “THE CAMRIC 2012 Robot” designed by two of our FRC High School Assistants, Cameron and Eric. This new robot design is elegant, efficient, structurally sound, provides for easy sensor and other attachments, and is now being used as part of our instructional programs with furthering our student learning – thank you, FRC students!

– The IgKnighters, a multi-school FIRST Robotics (FRC) team, Team 3173, was so very gracious with providing the wonderful opportunity for our Intro Level campers to see a real FRC Robot Demo at all of our end-of-camp Open Houses – this truly was a weekly highlight for us throughout the entire summer!

– The Allendale Columbia School staff were exceptional with providing excellent facilities, a beautiful campus, and a super fun and safe venue for our Summer 2012 Camps – we look forward to returning again for our Summer 2013 Camp season…