About the STEM Program Directors: Sue Sorrentino, Donna Chaback


We are a female team of former corporate engineers with years of (NY State Certified) classroom teaching experiences in public and private schools, across all grade levels, K-12, along with also teaching college courses in educational technology. Since 2009, we have provided STEM Education Programs for children of all ages as well as for large classes of visiting foreign students who speak no English. In all of these various contexts, we have met with continued success and have been awarded the 2014 Corporate K-12 STEM Innovation Award

Designed & taught by practicing classroom STEM teachers with years of…

  • corporate software and electrical engineering experiences.
  • STEM classroom teaching, K-12, public & independent schools – and still going!
  • comprehensive, STEM Education curricula development and classroom pilot-testing in collaboration with numerous & global, corporate & collegiate partners.
  • providing hands-on, STEM Professional Teacher Training/PD Workshops.
  • K-8 STEM Education consulting services & coach training for competitive robotics teams.
  • ongoing STEM Education conference speaking engagements.




We also provide Professional Development / Teacher Training on a limited basis (Just like you – we’re busy teaching, too!)

To learn more, contact: Sue@VistaTeach.biz   |    585-414-7170