Partnering with senior communities for enhancing lifelong learning. 

Program Pilot Locations & Objective:

Rochester, NY and Orlando, FL

Over the last several years we have continued to receive many requests for senior programs – specifically for our very popular LEGO Robotics STEM courses. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launching of our pilot program in STEM Education for Seniors.

Program Directors: Sue Sorrentino, Donna Chaback


We are a female team of former corporate engineers with years of (NY State Certified) classroom teaching experiences in public and private schools, across all grade levels, K-12, along with also teaching college courses in educational technology. Since 2009, we have provided STEM Education Programs for children of all ages as well as for large classes of visiting foreign students who speak no English. In all of these various contexts, we have met with continued success and have been awarded the 2014 Corporate K-12 STEM Innovation Award by the International Association for STEM Leaders at their invitation-only, Annual Forum in Washington, D.C.

STEM Education Program Offering 

All computer equipment, software, and hardware (structural & electronic robotics components) are provided for up to 20 class participants working together in teams of two. Our classes are always team-taught!

LEGO Robotics is one of our academic courses that encompasses all aspects of STEM Education and is the specific program we are most interested in offering senior students for a number of reasons:

  1. Robotics is a form of “physical computing” adding a very hands-on dimension for learning – offering a unique and differentiated educational program for seniors.
  2. The specific robotics system we have chosen is “senior-friendly” with its ease of use with manipulating the structural components. In addition, the graphical, icon-based programming also lends itself to “taking the mystery out of robotics” as students learn to program the electronic components (motors and sensors) with solving for the challenges they are posed – no technology experience required.
  3. We appreciate the mental stimulation involved in designing, building, and programming moving structures and the meaningful learning this provides students – of all ages!

By the way, did we mention our programs are incredibly fun?

To learn more, contact:   |    585-414-7170