Robotics Resources for Educators & Parents, Grades 2-8

Announcing Robotics Resources for Educators & Parents of young students in grades 2 through 8! We have added a resource webpage for posting an assortment of resources our STEM Team has developed for classroom use, including: LEGO EV3 storage systems, a comprehensive LEGO WeDo Robotics Elements Bingo Game, Science & Engineering Class Poster for teachers to enlarge and post, etc. In addition, we have posted useful VEX IQ Robotics Competition Coach Training Information, other community resources for VEX IQ Robotics, as well as, resources for parents looking to extend their child’s interest in robotics. We will continue to update with additional resources as the year progresses.

If classroom teachers or parents would also like to share any of their robotics resources for posting, please submit to

VISIT OUR NEW: Robotics Resources Webpage

Enjoy and, please pass on…

Sue & the Vista Teach STEM Team