Visiting Experts, From RIT, Field-Test Computer Programs in STEM Class!

This week, our 4th grade students at Allendale Columbia School had the opportunity to have college students and their professor, from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), field-test the interactive computer games they have been designing and programming in their STEM classes. Project requirements included programming multiple levels for their computer games, as well as, programming variables for score-keeping and prizes. Students also programmed official game instructions, sounds, and animated effects. Some students even designed their own company names and logos! A great variety of gaming projects were created, including: driving games, dancing games, mazes, and multi-player games. The RIT students – currently enrolled in gaming, media, and animation courses – were definitely challenged with progressing through our 4th grade students’ creative and complex programs – way to go STEM students!

RIT’s MAGIC affiliate, the FOSS@MAGIC Initiative (Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture), grew out the Department of Interactive Games and Media’s course in Educational Game Development and is a unique multi-disciplinary collaboration spanning colleges, curricula, and research throughout the campus. It is always a wonderful experience for our STEM students to have the college students and, Professor Remy DeCausemaker, come to field-test their programming projects. We also appreciate the way our visiting experts take the time to specifically review our students’ programming (coding) in detail.

Over the next two months, our RIT guests will again return – this time, with having our 4th graders field-test iterations of the college students’ final course projects!