Course Description:

With continued requests from VEX IQ Robotics Teams, we are very excited to announce our second annual, Invitation Only, Summer STEM Program. Selected students have performed well and have demonstrated solid engineering aptitude as well as good problem-solving and collaborative skills in our Summer VEX IQ Robotics, Navigation Engineering Camps.

During the week of July 16th – July 20th, we are inviting selected, former VEX IQ Robotics students to our Summer 2018 Invitational VEX IQ Robotics Challenge Camp.  At this invitational camp, students will have the opportunity to prepare for the 2019 VEX IQ Competition Challenge (to be announced in Spring 2018).  Throughout the entire camp week (9 AM – 12 PM, Monday through Friday):

  1. Students will have the opportunity to learn from an accomplished STEM teacher experienced in training VEX IQ Robotics Teams and Coaches who advanced on to the 2017 VEX World Championships. The STEM teacher, Ms. Chaback, also traveled to the World Championships and has so much to share with VEX IQ Robotics Team Members as well as with non-competitive students also interested in expanding their design, engineering, and programming skills!
  2. Students will become familiar with the new 2019 VEX IQ Competition Challenge.
  3. Working in teams of two, students will have the opportunity to begin designing, constructing, and testing a variety of chassis and manipulator prototype design ideas using the provided VEX IQ Robotics Components, remote (driver) control devices, as well as the system programming software.
    1. As students test out their engineering design and programming ideas, they will be encouraged to photograph and document their results and recommendations to report back to their specific teams. (Students not on competitive teams will learn the value of this process and will be encouraged to also offer their input and advice as well.)
  4. Students will have the opportunity to actively participate in a larger think tank with discussing strategies and bouncing ideas off of other experienced VEX IQ team participants. Students on competitive teams, as well as non-competitors, will benefit from this real world, learning experience!
  5. Along with working with the system remote (driver) control devices, students will also have the opportunity to work on honing their programming skills specific to the 2019 Challenge.
  6. Students will participate in mock team-alliance matches specific to the 2019 Challenge.

Having traveled with one of her robotics teams to the VEX World Championships, Ms. Chaback is excited to share her experiences and many recommendations for preparing teams for the 2019 VEX IQ Competition Challenge along with better equipping ALL students, whether or not on competitive teams, with continuing to expand their real-world engineering, programming, and design skills!


Designed for students, entering Grades 5 thru 8, who perform well in school with no behavioral concerns that could impact his/her ability to participate in an academically rigorous course requiring application of high-level computer programming and problem-solving skills, sustained attention to detail with completing specific assignments and project challenges, along with effective student collaboration & teamwork with innovating solutions to the problems they are posed.


Our Summer 2018 Camp Session for this specific course is posted below. Since this is an invitational camp only, a direct link for course registration will be provided to the parents of those students who have been selected and invited to participate.

Session #4 July 16 – July 20 – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Allendale Columbia School, 519 Allens Creek Road, Rochester
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages: Students Entering Grades 5 – 8, Fall 2018
Cost: $250.00

VEX IQ Camp Procedures

REQUIRED FORMS – Please complete & return after registering your camper:

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