(Formally, EV3 for Competition)

Please Note: This course is now a Prerequisite Course for our EV3 for INNOVATION Camp (which will cover similar engineering content but in a very different context with instructional and programming concepts focusing specifically on innovative robotic projects).

Course Description:

Using the latest release, EV3 Robotics System, students will be taught foundational building and programming concepts with learning about the new Programming Features, Sensors, Motors, and Specialty Parts. Students will also learn the EV3 Content Editor and Project File System, as well as the importance of the Engineering/Iterative Design Process with problem-solving for specific mission challenges. Working in teams of two, students will build and program smart robots, including navigation and manipulation, using the different Sensors and Motors. In addition, students will also learn about basics of Gear Systems as well as effective Chassis and Attachment design concepts, how to test the functionality of their robots, problem-solve, etc.

Since students will be working in teams of two, campers may wish to enroll with a friend, relative, or FLL teammate to specifically partner with. If this is the case, please note the requested partnership on the (required) Learning Styles Inventory Form posted below – thank you!

If your camper is entering Grade 5 in the Fall AND has been accepted to compete on a specific FLL Team utilizing the EV3 Robotics System, please contact sue@vistateach.biz for consideration of being granted a “grade level enrollment exception” – thank you!


Designed for students, entering Grades 6 thru 9, who perform well in school with no behavioral concerns that could impact his/her ability to participate in an academically rigorous course requiring application of high-level computer programming and problem-solving skills, sustained attention to detail with completing specific assignments and project challenges, along with effective student collaboration & teamwork with innovating solutions to the problems they are posed.



REQUIRED FORMS – Please complete & return after registering your camper:

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