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NOTE: There is only one course session offered for this robotics system which is similar to our Intro to LEGO WeDo Robotics Camp however, the structural and electronic components are very different. Students may register for either or both courses (Intro to LEGO WeDo Robotics and/or this course, Intro to LEGO WeDo Robotics 2.0).

Students are provided laptop computers, programming software, LEGO® Construction Kits, motors, sensors as well as direct instruction by highly qualified and NYS Certified Teachers. Working in teams of two, young students design their own solutions by building LEGO® models along with programming them to perform certain tasks. In this real world context, students learn engineering principles and professional practices with learning correct vocabulary, terminology, and functionality of all physical elements and electronic components; students program If-Then, Wait-For, Repeat Statements, etc. with individually building & programming physical models for completing PBL tasks along with, (required) commenting on all coding and sharing out design thinking, debugging, and strategic innovation. Students self-initiate collaboration & teaming/cross-teaming with further developing 21st century skills throughout this comprehensive Robotics Unit of study.

While students will be completing individualized Programming Tasks, they will also be working in teams of two and, may wish to enroll with a friend or relative, to specifically partner with. If this is the case, please note the requested partnership on the (required) Learning Styles Inventory Form posted below – thank you!


Designed for students, entering Grades 2 through 4, who perform well in school with no behavioral concerns that could impact his/her ability to participate in an academically rigorous course requiring application of high-level computer programming and problem-solving skills, sustained attention to detail with completing specific assignments and project challenges, along with effective student collaboration & teamwork with innovating solutions to the problems they are posed.


WeDo Intro Camp Procedures

REQUIRED FORMS – Please complete & return after registering your camper:

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