New VEX IQ Robotics Classroom Curriculum – by Teachers for Teachers

Vista Teach is pleased to announce the publication of our new VEX IQ Robotics classroom curriculum specifically written for elementary and middle school teachers. As authors, we, Sue Sorrentino and Donna Chaback, are passionate about providing comprehensive robotics instruction to all classroom students – not just the few in after school programs or on competitive teams! We are former corporate engineers and New York State certified teachers currently in our fifth year as practicing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educators at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, NY. Known and, internationally recognized, for our comprehensive and systematic approach to STEM Education, we continue to develop numerous and global, corporate, organizational, and collegiate partnerships with advocating the urgency of developing STEM fluency in the early elementary years for sustaining interest, and building competency, in the STEM disciplines as students progress onto their middle and high school years.

Our  SAMPLE Curriculum PDF provides more information as well as sample lessons and supporting documents: “…We provide a very concise and systematic approach to teaching Robotics including the needed essentials for implementing an engaging and meaningful learning experience for your students as well as, a very positive and rewarding teaching experience for you. Our curriculum provides for proven instructional strategies, effective classroom management techniques along with, efficient equipment and materials organization – absolutely necessary – with successfully integrating the use and management of numerous, high-end structural and electronic components. We cut right to the chase so your eager students can begin an exciting and hands-on Robotics Unit within a very structured and well-managed classroom learning environment…”

Following this guide, students learn how to build smart robots programmed with motors and sensors. Working collaboratively in their teams of two, each student is assigned individualized Programming Tasks to complete along with, also documenting their learning in Graphical RobotC. This is turn, will provide you (the teacher) data for assessing both teamwork as well as individual student performance results with supporting documentation.

Everything is included for launching a successful, introductory unit of study from first unboxing your construction sets and efficiently setting up your classroom to running exciting, end-of-unit, team alliance matches modeled directly after official VEX IQ Robotics Tournaments!

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SAMPLE Curriculum PDF