Kindergarten STEM Lessons: Learning & Applying Programming Concepts


Throughout our kindergarten STEM lessons, our young students at Allendale Columbia School, continue to amaze us with their aptitude for easily learning programming concepts. Prior to moving on to programming floor robots, our young students first learned to play the ROBOT Turtles Board Game with the wonderful assistance of parents and grandparents who volunteered their time in our S.T.E.M. classrooms. In addition, students were also highly engaged in learning to program using the iPad app KODABLE – a great way to gain a further understanding of programming concepts and build problem-solving skills. Most exciting of all, our young students actually learned to program Loops/Repeat Commands beginning in their kindergarten year!


Next, our young students moved on to programming Bee-Bot Floor Robots, learning and using navigational Logo programming commands such as forward, back, left, and right. This year, our kindergartners designed their own navigational programming challenges for their classmates to solve. After designing, documenting, and successfully testing their programming, each team of students progressed on to solving the programming challenges of their peer teams.


Our young students continue to be highly engaged as they successfully progress through our systematic and interdisciplinary approach to developing STEM fluency, with building on a culture of curiosity, starting in kindergarten!