International STEM Leaders Award Presented to VT!

At their invitation-only, annual STEM Leadership Summit, the International Association of STEM Leaders recognized several attendees for their leadership in STEM education through a formal awards ceremony.

Vista Teach Instructional Services, led by Sue Sorrentino, STEM Educator and Director, received the Corporate K-12 STEM Innovation Award. This organization is composed of an entire team of female, former engineers, who went on to earn teaching certifications, with joining forces, to bring real-world engineering principles and professional practices directly into their classrooms.  While they provide engineering education across numerous grade levels and divisions, this team of teachers specifically advocates the urgency of providing comprehensive, authentic, and hands-on STEM Education beginning in the very early elementary grades. Throughout their years at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, NY and, in collaboration with numerous and global, corporate and collegiate partners, the team continues to immerse young learners in real-world engineering. This, in turn, provides the ideal framework for developing the capacities of young people to become global leaders and innovators.