International STEM Camp Builds Student Collaborations and Global Friendships

Our International STEM Camp brought American and Chinese students together again for another great summer immersion program for middle and high school students. Working in partnership with Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, NY, American and Chinese students were teamed together, one-to-one, in a culture different from their own. Throughout their very full week, the student teams were provided opportunities to design, innovate, build, and tinker within collaborative learning spaces. During the morning hours, authentic learning experiences were offered in Allendale Columbia’s STREAM Program (science, technology, research, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Throughout the afternoon hours, students were immersed in the internationally recognized, Vista Teach STEM Programs in Robotics and Engineering Education. This hands-on, unscripted week of innovation and design, offered a rare opportunity for students to build collaborative skills across cultural differences while also developing global friendships.

This unique venue continues to offer many enriching benefits not only for our participating students but also for our team of STEM Educators and, each summer, we always look forward to another amazing week with teaching Robotics and Engineering Education to our collaborative teams of Chinese and American students!

From STEM to STREAM: An International Summer Immersion Program – VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS BELOW