Elementary Grade STEM Students “Play-Test” for RIT

Elementary Grade STEM students at Allendale Columbia School have been actively engaging with authentic and innovative technologies in their role as “play-testers” for the final programming projects developed by the those in the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Educational Gaming and Animation college course.

RIT’s MAGIC affiliate, the FOSS@MAGIC Initiative (Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture), grew out of the Department of Interactive Games and Media’s course in Educational Game Development and is a unique, multi-disciplinary collaboration spanning colleges, curricula, and research throughout the campus. As they continue to do each semester, the RIT students present their final course projects for our young STEM students to “play-test” and provide immediate and valuable feedback over several iterative, development phases. Most exciting of all, this learning opportunity has provided for an authentic experience for our young students, as well as the college students, with both groups of students fully engaged and appreciative of the opportunity to learn from one another!