Allendale Columbia Students Dive Deep in Underwater Robotics

Well, the underwater robots did the actual diving! We thoroughly enjoyed our recent participation in the Middle School May Term Sessions at Allendale Columbia School. The May Term course offerings were amazing and, we were delighted to offer our exciting WaterBotics Course with engaging students in science and engineering learning with underwater robots. Our Middle School students did an awesome job with designing, building, and programming their complex, underwater robots, remote control systems, etc. Students solved for scenarios based on real-world challenges, in an underwater environment, using multiple robotics systems and instrumentation components. Throughout their interactive, hands-on activities, students demonstrated their understanding of computer programming concepts (including use of datawires and nested switches), physics concepts (including levels of buoyancy, backflow, and drift), and what it means to be a STEM professional in marine research, ecosystem intervention, search and rescue missions, and so on.

Pictured: Our 1st grade students were so excited to see underwater demonstrations and view robots, up close, with learning about how the propellers, attachments, gears, and motors work to navigate the robots in all directions, along with, building and programming for complex manipulation of underwater objects!

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