Our Qualifications

  • At their invitation-only, STEM Forum in Washington D.C., Vista Teach was recognized by the International Association for STEM Leaders with being presented the Corporate K-12 STEM Innovation Award, April 2014
  • Nominated, March 2014, for a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching – the nation’s highest honor for teachers of mathematics and science (including computer science)
  • 2+ years experience serving on Congressional Education Advisory Committee
  • Former LEGO Education Advisory Panel Member
  • Highly qualified (Masters Degree level), experienced, and NYS Certified teachers as well as former, corporate professionals in software, electrical, and mechanical engineering
  • Over eight years experience teaching STEM Education, to thousands of students, across a variety of educational venues
  • Ongoing formation of numerous and global, corporate and collegiate partnerships providing for real-world learning experiences for young STEM students
  • Regular opportunities scheduled for field-testing new and innovative engineering/robotics systems and programs directly in STEM classrooms
  • Highly requested for STEM education consulting, conference speaking, presenting, and for providing teacher training workshops specializing in our expertise in Robotics & Engineering in the Elementary Grades

Vista Teach & STEM Education

STEM Education is a federal initiative: (1) to secure America’s leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and, (2) to identify promising strategies for strengthening the education that leads to STEM careers. Find out more about how the U.S. Department of Education is backing this initiative with great importance. About Us

What sets us apart?

As NYS Certified and, practicing teachers in Elementary and Middle School STEM Education, we specialize in effective classroom management, sound teaching practices, and comprehensive curricula development for meeting the instructional needs of diverse classrooms of young learners.

Our students are provided relevant, hands-on, and authentic learning experiences for building STEM fluency beginning in their very early, elementary years. Kindergarteners program floor robots, 1st graders construct models based on design specifications, while students in grades 2 and up, learn to build and program, land and underwater, smart robots!

Throughout our STEM programs, we infuse real world, engineering principles and professional practices. For instance, our STEM students learn to comment on their code by second grade, we hold unannounced design review sessions by our upper elementary grades, and so on.

Our STEM students are continually challenged to dig deeper, and think creatively, with developing high-level, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills leading to innovative solutions to the problems they are posed. After all, we are preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet!

Developing STEM Partnerships

While we have enjoyed partnering with other schools in the past, with providing mobile STEM education services, we decided it was time to “settle down” with selecting a school we felt to be the best fit for further developing our STEM programs. Partnering with Allendale Columbia School has provided our team of female, former engineers (holding NYS teaching certifications), the opportunity to bring our Engineering Education programs to a whole new level.

Our partnership, with Allendale Columbia School, has also provided us the opportunity to form additional and exciting K-12, collegiate, and corporate partnerships – on a global scale. Throughout these additional partnership formations, our STEM students have experienced real world learning with field-testing emerging and innovative technologies and reporting back to development teams along with, many other, meaningful and relevant collaborations. All of these partnerships provide the bridge, of a real world context, with connecting academic content with the needed 21st century skills.

Who We Are

  • Sue Sorrentino
    Sue SorrentinoFounder / Executive Director / Speaker / Consultant: STEM K-6
  • Donna Chaback