3rd Grade STEM Students Set New Standard!

Our 3rd grade STEM students, at Allendale Columbia School, set a new standard this year. The students’ end-of-the-year engineering projects were showcased at our Annual 3rd Grade STEM Expo on the evening of May 14th. This year, students came up with their own, very unique and challenging engineering projects. One student designed, built, and programmed an interactive pinball machine incorporating sophisticated building and programming skills using motors and sensors. A large group of girls decided to collaborate together with constructing and programming a very complex amusement park with a variety of rides and activities. Multiple computers were used with labeling and programming, numerous motors and sensors, to be activated throughout their impressive demonstration. Other students built a variety of vehicles, as well as, a Venus fly trap and, self-loading catapult with each programmed to respond using sensors and motors. In all our years of teaching robotics to young children, our team of STEM teachers has never seen such an amazing display of engineering innovation and collaboration!