2nd Quarter Encore After School Programs

We are excited to announce a new (programming) course in Scratch Animation, Grades 5-8, in our After School Programs:

Do you know someone who likes to play video games? Have you ever thought about being a game designer? Take the first step and learn the programming language of Scratch. Scratch was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab and is a programming language used to create animations, simulations, interactive stories, games, and much more. As students create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and programming concepts along with systematic reasoning and creative thinking. Students design their very own video game using Scratch programming and may choose either Session 1 or Session 2.

Another new course venue we are providing: Our first Adult Education Course!

We have had numerous requests for this and are excited to be providing an Adult Education Course in Filmmaking: Effective Camera and Video Editing Techniques, age 16+

Want to learn from a pro while capturing great video footage during the festive holiday season? Then bring your own video camera and learn effective camera motion and digital editing techniques along with planning specific shot-lists for capturing quality footage that will bring out the best in your creative filming endeavors. Starting with understanding and mastery of proper camera stabilization techniques, this class moves on to learning effective camera motion techniques that captivate the viewer’s attention – let’s put an end to those boring home movies! These techniques involve a variety of camera angles along with popular cinematic techniques such as reveal shots, jarring, and surrounding panoramic motions. Instruction is also provided on professional level video interviewing techniques for capturing high quality footage for college applications, video résumés, or even for interviewing family members to video journal your family history. Course taught by a Certified Professional Videographer/Cinematographer.