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We teach our students…

  • Strategic Innovation, beginning in the Elementary Grades, with building on a culture of curiosity
  • Engineering Education in an Elementary & Middle School STEM and Design Lab with continually re-purposing robotics systems, electronic components, and the like, involving the design of interactive structures & smart robots programmed with sensors and actuators
  • Physical Computing – robotics & engineering – providing a tactile context for programming/coding – with designing & debugging taking two forms: hardware and software
  • Design Thinking & Prototyping implementing Iterative Development & Testing
  • Project-Based Learning in an authentic context of real world, problem-solving with building 21st century skills and, with ultimately developing the capacity of young learners to become global innovators and leaders!

And, we teach teachers…

Implementing a real world, Engineering Education program beginning in the early elementary grades has yielded remarkable results with effectively developing STEM fluency, design thinking, and strategic innovation. That’s why we also offer hands-on, Teacher Training / Professional Development for Elementary & Middle School Faculty – equipping teachers with proven instructional strategies, effective classroom management techniques, and efficient equipment & materials organization essential to comprehensive project/problem-based learning utilizing high-end technology and electronic components in today’s classrooms of energetic and diverse students.

Equally important, we advocate the urgency of building STEM fluency in the early elementary grades with sustaining interest along with, building competency in the STEM disciplines, as students progress on to their middle and high school years. It is in this real world learning context that young students make relevant content area connections solving for the common disconnect they otherwise express about why they are learning what they are learning…

We develop the capacity of young people to become global innovators and leaders…

What do parents say about us?

  • This will be my son's 4th year at a Vista Teach summer camp. Sue Sorrentino and the Vista Teach Team are outstanding - from the registration process...to the quality of program material...to the personal relationship with each student...and mostly the excitement they bring to education. Sue's passion and zeal are contagious! She makes learning very fun!

    Gayle RehParent
  • I was amazed at the high level of concentrated instruction and results. Other camps we’d done seemed to have a high ratio of “fluff” to actual learning, but Sue’s program is focused on teaching the kids exactly what they need to know in order to be confident builders and programmers. My son thrived in this atmosphere and can’t wait to return next summer!

    Sophia KimParent
  • My daughter has blossomed under a variety of the STEM programs at Vista Teach. I’ve watched her develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while tackling missions, underwater, thru the WaterBotics Program. I’ve watched the development of team building skills, patience, and humor while relating to her peers and the amazing staff!

    Katherine MarcusParent
  • My son has learned more than building and programming robots because these camps also incorporate creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and other skills needed for success…Sue always goes the extra mile to make sure kids have great experiences learning STEM at her camps. Plus, she is very well-organized, and has wonderful outreach and communication with parents. Thank you to Sue and her team!

    Necia Marchetti, Ed.D.Parent & Educator
  • We found the Vista Teach sessions to be high quality, hands on, educational experiences that far exceeded our expectations of a summer camp. The sessions have been thoughtfully designed to encourage higher level thinking skills. Once the students have had small group and individualized instruction by the Vista Teach Professional Team, the students then possess the skills needed to plan, test, and present their projects.

    Elizabeth and Ryan ShooshanParents
  • I love everything about the Vista Teach summer camps! They are organized and well run. The parent information is timely and well communicated. Kids can work both independently and collaboratively during the camps. The topics are current and fun. Thank you, Mrs. Sorrentino, for your continued dedication to bringing this wonderful S.T.E.M. education to our kids!

    Elaine MonroeParent
  • Not only was the LEGO WeDo Robotics a wonderful program, the staff was exceptional. They made a huge impact on me as soon as the first day. They were welcoming and clearly took an interest in knowing all the children. It's obvious these educators are passionate about what they do and made every effort to pass their enthusiasm on to the children while keeping them engaged throughout the program.

    Debbie CompostoParent
  • As someone who has been involved with the FIRST Robotics program, for over 20 years, I feel the Vista Teach Robotics Camps provide the participants with a great foundation for participation in FIRST programs. I highly recommend this wonderful program.

    Elaine AnselmParent
  • From the moment you walk in, the standards are high. Students are put into a real-world environment and students live up to these standards as they design and create robotic models using state of the art equipment! This unique learning approach could not have been possible without the dedicated teaching staff and the leadership of Mrs. Sorrentino, whose passion and excitement for this program is clearly evident.

    Jennifer CaineParent